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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Old School Children's Favorites

Just have to give a plug to a fellow Sno-Isle Libary's program: Marysville Library will host a program Monday January 26 at 10:15 featuring David Newell, known to boomers as Mr. McFeely of the Speedy Delivery Service from Fred Rogers' neighborhood. One thing about children's television programming is that it often has fans in 2 or more generations. Fred Rogers was after my time as a child (I was a Captain Kangaroo fan myself), but I grew to love his show when my son was born. We even had a tape of music director Johnny Costa playing his jazzy songs, proof to me that even the littlest kids could enjoy and appreciate good music.

One of the things I miss is the loss of local children's programming. It was always a treat to visit family "back East" and see the talent at their local TV station (okay, so they were mostly just there to run the cartoons, but I can still remember how to do Bungles the Clown's wave!) Local favorites JP Patches, Brakeman Bill, Wunda Wunda -- all retired due to age or economics.

So if you have time, get over to the Marysville Library on Monday, and give Mr. McFeely a big "thank you!".
(Hmmm, I wonder if I can find some Tom Terrific cartoons on YouTube...)