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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Romance for Dummies (Yeah, YOU, pal!)

Pop quiz, gentlemen: what's the most important day in February? If you said Super Bowl Sunday, then listen up, because you really need my help. The most important day in February is the 14th, Valentine's Day. Now you may whine and claim it's all hype to sell cards and candy, but that's not an argument you can win. Just man up and make some plans. "It's more romantic to be spontaneous" you say. Maybe if you're George Clooney and you can jet to some romantic hideaway, but you and I are not in that league, and planning ahead is the only game for us. So...what's for dinner (you did realize you are cooking, right?) If you're confident in the kitchen, try The Best Places to Kiss Cookbook. Otherwise, keep it simple. Try How to Cook Without a Book. Roast a chicken; it's really easy and the whole house will smell delicious. Next, background music. If you don't have a clue, try Getz/Gilberto or Songs for Swingin' Lovers.

Well, that's a start. You're on your own from here. Relax and have a good time. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Library Auction Coming Up!

Our Friends group has been very busy planning a fund-raising auction in March for the Library, and when they first discussed the idea, March seemed a long way off. Now it's less than 10 weeks away -- yikes! Circle the date on your calendar: Saturday March 20, 2010 at 5PM. Dinner, a live auction, many silent auction items, with our Master of Ceremonies, ol' Skeeter Daddle himself, Jack Archibald -- how you you even think of missing it?
Stop by the library or the Camano Island Library Friends website for more information!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet Bunny Crumpacker!

Yeah, I know that sounds like a children's book character, but she's actually the author of several cookbooks, including her latest "How to Slice an Onion". I like to think of myself as a good cook (even though I'm really not) and I enjoyed her book immensely, not just for the recipes, but for the advice, humor and just plain good writing that makes up this collection. Like spending the afternoon with a wise friend who really knows how to cook.