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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Publishers gear up for the Christmas season by glutting the market with their new fall releases. Not every title will be a hit, of course -- that part is up to you (and maybe Oprah...)
The floodgates have opened and we're packing the shelves (and mixing our metaphors). So far we're seeing new titles by Brad Meltzer, Philippa Gregory, John Saul, Karin Slaughter, C J Box and more to come.
Forecasters have been predicting doom and gloom for the publishing industry for quite a while now, partly because publishers seem to have chosen as their business model the music industry (which is in its own state of free fall.) What are the music industry rules for failure that publishers have adopted? Don't build author careers, just get lucky with a gazillion selling author like Dan "Da Vinci Code" Brown. Pay first-time authors outrageous advances that almost guarantee that they won't be able to earn it back in book sales. Follow trends, because with this much money involved, it's too dangerous to attempt to publish something different. Save money instead by cutting back editorial staff and relying on the accounting department to make publishing decisions.
For now, though, there are plenty of great books headed our way, and as long as people are reading, that trend will continue.