Camano Island Library Pilot Project Blog

Friday, May 30, 2008

Camano community helpers

Today was the last of our Spring Storytimes, and our very special guests (Captain Eric Schweiger and firefighters/EMTs Chris Aker and Thomas Curley) read a story and showed off their engine --- and everyone got their very own fire helmet, too. A big "thank you" to the officers for their visit, and another big "thank you" to our Storytime volunteers, Kelli and Leah!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Training Wheels

Sno-Isle Libraries offers many training opportunities for staff, whether it's the self-paced "20 for 2.0" web training (RSS feeds, wikis, blogs, streaming music and video, even MySpace and YouTube) or classes in diversity training, Office 2007 and customer service. While we all like to think of ourselves as fairly competent behind the desk, these training sessions offer us more chance to hone our skills, and learn some new tricks along the way. The "20 for 2.0" training is a way for ancient staff (like me) to get acquainted with wikis and blogs so I at least have SOME clue when we get questions about them (oh that's right, I'm blogging right now...)
And the best part is that almost all of the training is done by Sno-Isle's crack HR team, plus a few select experts from branch staff. (Freeland's Evie Wilson-Lingbloom always tailors the training to make it as specific as possible for library situations -- her sessions are the best!)
Last week the entire Camano staff spent the day in a training session, so we had a substitute staff to cover our shifts at the Library. Leah, one of our regulars, stopped by and seeing all unfamiliar faces, said "Where are all the normal people??" The subs assured her they were normal too!
See you at the Library!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our most popular feature (you'll never guess!)

First I have to qualify that: what's our most popular feature for the preschool set?
Of course, Mary's Storytime (Fridays at 10:30) is very popular, and the kid's computer is also a big hit (less so for the poor Mom or Dad that has to pry Junior away from the keyboard, screaming!) No, I'd say the biggest hit for the young ones in our library is....the water cooler. I'm not kidding; for kids, no visit to the library is complete unless they can get their own glass of water (and the bubbling noise is an added bonus). Even after Storytime and crafts, they still have to make their way back to the cooler, toss back a cold one, and head out the door. Who woulda guessed?
See you at the Library!