Camano Island Library Pilot Project Blog

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weather or Not

I don't know what triggered it, but even though spring is still almost a month away, I feel like we've turned a corner, weather-wise, so I'm trying to take advantage of the great walks Camano Island offers. Of course, there's Camano Island State Park, which has a variety of beach and forest walks, and opening soon, neighboring Cama Beach. There are several more great spots, but I'm just selfish enough to want to keep them secret! Hint: check out "Getting to the Water's Edge on Whidbey & Camano Islands" for more information.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Not to Read

Working at a library is especially dangerous for a book junkie like myself, and when the pile of books by my bedside starts to look dangerously unstable, I have to finally decide which ones I actually have time to read. Here's my list of which books get thinned out first:

*Books where the promotional blurbs on the cover are written by other authors. Somebody owes somebody else a favor, or maybe promises were made over a few beers -- these are almost never as good as the blurbist would have you believe.

*Cookbooks. Yes, I was taken in by the beautiful pictures and the idea that I should cook better food, but realistically, my diet revolves around pizza. And guilt is never a good reason to read a book.

*That third or fourth book by an author I've enjoyed in the past. Give someone else a try -- chances are they've got something new to say.

*Books that start off poorly. It's a safe bet that the writing won't improve if you "just give it more time."

*"Hey, I've always wanted to read 'Moby Dick'!" Not gonna happen (see: guilt, above.)

*This one is the easiest: books that have been in the pile so long they're now overdue!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The numbers are in!

No, not the latest poll numbers, but our circulation numbers for the Camano Island branch are in, and it looks like you like us, you really like us! You checked out a total of 51,949 items from the Camano branch, including 1123 items on the 2 days we first opened in June. Thank you for your support!